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Goldsound Pickups – what is the Baum sound?

Sound is important. Tone is important. It is the voice of your electric guitar – which is your voice in the music. It is the physical outlet of your musical identity. Big words, I know. But think for a second. You can sometimes recognize a musician just on his/her sound. Who did you think of? And who should think of you?

Our Goldsound pickups are the backbone of the Baum sound. It’s the vocalization of the instrument. And they are tailored to Baum. Because both our covers and constructions are a little unusual, I would like to dedicate some words to explain the thoughts behind starting a new pickup brand together with a new guitar brand. How we started with other brands’ pickups but then developing ours. We will also come around the Goldsound pickup range, including a deeper explanation of each pickup construction, magnets, and sound.

So which player uses Goldsound, you may ask. The player who likes to have something, that does not sound like everyone else. Instead, the player wants something different, which he/she can use as the foundation for a personal sound.

These pickups are really sensitive. They invite you to play more dynamically.”

Joakim Ludvigsen

Why Goldsound pickups?

Goldsound pickups are the pickups, you find a Baum instrument. Yes, some may call us control freaks, but we just want to have full control over how a Baum sound (and looks and feels by the way, but that is another story).

Therefore, we use our Goldsound pickups on both our ‘The Original Series (hereafter just ‘TOS’) and our ‘Custom Shop Collection.

So after having invested so much time, passion, and energy in the design of the guitars, we designed Goldsound pickups to pick up every little nuance of a Baum.

The history of Goldsound

We started with a completely different sound. The 4 first Baum prototypes (2014/2015) came with pickups by other brands, but we felt that something was clearly missing.

“If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself”. And Goldsound was established.

Our earliest Custom Shop Baum guitars came with our first Goldsound pickups, which were designed by us, and hand wound by a local pickup maker. Because of the natural scatter winding” pattern due to being hand wound, each pickup came out slightly different.

Our current Goldsound pickups are machine wound. Is this worse? Absolutely not, it just depends on the why.

So, what is our why? Good question! Because consistency reflects our ambition with the overall feel of a Baum. Again, we are control freaks and by introducing our TOS series and thus increasing our quantity, we needed much more control over each guitar to ensure the quality every time. Whether you pick up a Baum in the USA, Europe, or Asia – buying online or locally, we want you to have the same great experience and the same sound. And to do so, we need consistency. Consistency. Consistency.


Okay, so let’s dive deeper into the Goldsound pickups. It’s good to understand How a Guitar Pickup is Constructed and how a guitar pick-up works before we continue to our specific pickups.

But if you already have a basic understanding of this (just guessing, since you have made it this far), let look at our current Goldsound range

We are life-long learners. We have so much more planned for our Goldsound brand, so we will update this page frequently!


Jabmaster delivers a powerful clean sound and crisp overdriven tone. It excels at note articulation and will sound great in almost every genre.

is a wide-wound and broader single coil, which increases the pickup’s reactive field and gives a bold and clear tone that surely packs a punch while retaining the single coil’s dynamics.

The neck pickup is a very thick and full-sounding sound. It really pushes the low end making it warm and smooth, but still tight and well defined. Like a regular single coil – but on steroids.

The bridge pickup tends to be “twangier” (yep, it’s a word) and brighter. With an almost percussive edge to the tone, it is great for rhythm and single-note playing. The bottom end is much tighter than the neck pickup, so put some overdrive on and ROCK.

And together? You get the best of both worlds including hum-canceling. Twanks!

Because the coil is low and wide, the measured ohms are higher than for example a Strat with the same turn count. This gives more bass in the frequency response, making it sound fatter, hotter – and punchier compared to a regular single coil.


Magnets Alnico V
Output Neck 8.5K & Bridge 10.5K
Available in
Conquer 59 & Wingman (TOS), & complete Custom Shop Collection


Goldbuckers – a ferocious mini humbucker that is clearer and cleaner than full-sized humbuckers.

Yes, size matters on pickups (but we also know, that the quality doesn’t correlate to the size), because we’re talking about physics regarding the string vibration and actual size of the coil to pick it up. The Goldbucker mini humbucker shares its construction with the iconic PAF counterpart, except the size. A smaller pickup sense a more focused area of your strings, but we have given Goldbuckers a little extra beef to spice things up.

While still being hum-cancelling, the mini-humbucker produces a clearer, brighter tone that is very unlike full-sized humbuckers.

The high output will easily push your amp into natural overdrive and open a plethora of harmonics like a good PAF. Turn the volume knob down, and it will clean up nicely while remaining bright and clear like any single coil. It is a sound that finds its own space without spilling into other instruments. And I promise, it will sing and grind when pushed hard. Try it!

We honestly think that the Goldsound Goldbucker is the best of a single coil and a humbucker wound into one pickup.


Magnets Alnico V
Output Neck 8.5K & Bridge 10.5K
Available in Backwing (TOS), & complete Custom Shop Collection

Rewind ’52

Rewind ‘52 P90s gives the guitar a tight low-end, raunchy midrange and a bold texture with a crispy top. The P90 Rewind ’52 produces a raw powerful tone that have co-defined blues and rock n roll throughout the decades.

Being first created in 1946 by Gibson, the P90 sound is essentially a blend of humbucker and single coil characteristics and dynamics. They were first installed in Goldtops, which we found inspiration in listening to early models from ’52. We never set out to copy that tone because we wanted our own sound. But the name stuck with us as a reminder for the inspiration.

It’s high output and brilliant tone in one. Rewind ’52 is well suited for all styles of music (maybe not looking at you, djent-folks), but the tonal sensitivity makes it perfect for everything from rock riffs and blues rhythms to smooth jazz licks.

Compared to humbuckers, P90s have a bit more bite in the mid-range and treble giving a brighter and more focused tone.


Magnets Alnico V
Output Neck 7.5K & Bridge 9.5K
Available in
Leaper Tone (TOS), & complete Custom Shop Collection

Should you change pickups?

Okay, so we discussed how a pickup is basically the voice of your instrument. And unlike your own voice, you can alter or completely change the character of your instrument by swapping pickups. A new set of pickups can change both the sound – but also the overall look of your instrument.

So, if you have a good guitar, but want to try push it in a different direction, a new set of pickups is the fastest and most effective way to alter your instrument. Perhaps you got single coils, but need more ‘umpf’? Try a P90 or a Humbucker instead. Got Jabmasters, but need a tighter sound? Try Goldbuckers. Or maybe you got a set of Goldbuckers, but need a smoother sound and a softer attack? Try our Rewind ’52. If you need any help, you can always reach out to us.

Goldsound pickups is our take on the somehow classic guitar tones. To get an even more nuanced picture of these designs, dig into the rabbit hole on YouTube. Good places to start could be these videos:

Find Goldsound here

Thanks for making it to the bottom! If you found this article helpful and are interested in Goldsound, you can now either Check out the Current Range or Send me an Email, if you have any questions regarding Goldsound or Baum.
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