We are on a mission to connect with players worldwide, and our dear retail family is a vital part of this mission. If you are local to these top-quality retailers, we recommend that you check them out.

We are looking for new retailers worldwide in 2022. If you share our mission, Contact Us and join the Baum family.



Akustikken is the go-to shop in Denmark if you are looking for high-quality gear presented by top-class staff. Since its founding in 1982, Akustikken now has two flagship stores located in Aarhus & Copenhagen.

Bonus: Good gear tips are always served with a fresh cup of (great) coffee.

Akustikken has been a part of the Baum family since 2021.



Andertons Music Co. has over 50 years of experience in serving musicians both in the UK and overseas. Andertons Music Co. is a family-run musical instrument retailer offering guitars, amps, pianos, keyboards, drums, PA systems, recording equipment, accessories, always high-quality service – and so much more.

Andertons Music Co. has set the standard for gear reviews on YouTube for more than a decade now. 

Andertons Music Co. has been a part of the Baum family since 2021.



Established in November of 2014, and born out of an insatiable obsession with effects pedals. Signal Chain knows just how much guitarists strive to get the tone in their head coming out of their amplifier. This Pursuit of Tone is what drives Rodger & the team to bring you the absolute best in high-quality, boutique guitars, amps, effects pedals, and accessories.


Their premium shopfront is located in a boutique shopping precinct in the heart of Brisbane, Australia. In fact, the street even boasts some of the coolest bars in the city and a pinball arcade directly across the road!

Signal Chain has been part of the Baum family since 2021.

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