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Welcome to our world-premiere of a very limited batch. With this, we can share our passion for design and quality with you. Read below, to get your hands on the first Originals from Baum.


With a preorder, you will get 1 of 100 Original Baum guitars available direct from us that will arrive at you in October 2021.


– How?

Preorder now to get your hands on one of the first Baum – Original Series guitars. The process is as follows:
From March 15th (12th for subscribers) you can select and preorder that Baum guitar you want. You pay upfront to secure yourself 1 of 100 guitars direct from Baum, and once you have received your order confirmation – congrats!


Made for you
– Which?

This batch is decided by you. We didn’t want to decide which guitars should be available – that is up to you. Every single guitar in this batch is crafted based on what you want and which models you select. The following months will be spent on crafting your new Baum.


your Guitar
– When?

We expect to ship your guitar in October 2021. Before it is shipped to you, we will inspect each guitar at our custom shop workshop and make sure that it will play great right out of the box when you receive the guitar. 


The Original series is designed in Denmark and is based on our favorite elements from our Custom Shop. Throughout the last 5 years, we have tried and tested Baum guitars with our artists at the custom shop, and the Original Series crafted from this experience.


Levitator is our own custom-designed roller bridge that besides improving the tuning stability and intonation, also makes the harmonic resonance bloom. It levitates the signature tone of a Baum.

Quality and

We inspect every guitar at our custom shop workshop in Denmark to make sure that the quality is on par with the Baum standard.


we guarantee

The Baum quality is the same wherever you grab a Baum from. Consistency is our keyword.

Crafted by

The Original Series guitars are built by the best luthiers in South Korea, to keep the quality on par with what you should be used to from Baum. Mirr Music has crafted electric guitars since the ’60s and they’re still going strong today, using their skills to craft our guitars for you.

Setup in

To make sure that the quality of your guitar is kept on par with our usual Danish standard, we inspect – and set up if necessary, every single guitar here at our custom shop workshop in Denmark. No Baum guitar will leave the house until Morten Bau has played it and approved it.

– Don’t worry

You always have the right to return your item in its original condition within 14 days after delivery – no questions asked. Likewise, you always have a 2-year guarantee (and add +1 year of warranty if you register your guitar online).
We got your back when you get a Baum.

The inspiration to 
Play different

The Original Series. Play different with us.

Baum Guitars arises from a need for something different. It’s a culmination of more than two decades of designing and building guitars, and thus the custom shop was born. And now, ‘The Original Series’ is the result of a desire to share these custom designs with players worldwide in our new standard series.

The Original Series is based on our favorite custom builds throughout the years, and they sport our own Goldsound pickups and Levitator bridge!

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