The Conquer 59 combines aesthetic curves rooted in the ‘50s/’60s classics and effortless handling for today’s player into one. It comes fitted with our punchy pickups, the Jabmaster. Jabmaster is a wide-wound and broader single coil, which increases the pickup’s reactive field and gives a bold and clear tone that surely packs a punch while retaining the dynamics of a single coil.

Our B-stock guitars are always in fully playable condition, and a mix of slightly used demo guitars used at trade shows or loaned to artists so they have slight wear and can be considered used but in virtually perfect condition otherwise. Some are guitars from the factory which we find during our QC inspection to have the beauty defects and minor finish blemishes that inevitably occur during production. Not all of these cosmetic blemished can be easily repaired without risking damaging the guitar further, but no matter what, we promise that it’s ready to rock.


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