Wingman #00019

$2,319.20 Incl. VAT

Custom guitars handcrafted in Denmark reusing parts in new ways from our productions in respect to the world. Each guitar is carefully redesigned into a unique piece.

Each guitar is aged in a style ranging from light to heavy aging.


1-3 business days


Out of stock

Out of stock

Custom guitars handcrafted in Denmark reusing parts in new ways from our productions in respect to the world. Each guitar is carefully redesigned into a unique piece.

What is revival?

Wherever possible, we preserve the natural resources and recycle, redesign, and rebuild them into new guitars. Morten Bau and the Custom Shop then redesigns each model into something you haven’t seen from Baum before. Each Revival is made in the Custom Shop to their usual standard.


Headstock Teardrop™
Body Shape Wingman™
Body Type Solid
Body Wood Mahogany
Neck Roasted Maple / Baum C-profile
Fretboard Rosewood / 12″ radius
Inlay Crown™
Pickups Goldsound® Goldbuckers (3)
Pickguard Black
Tailpiece Bigsby B50
Hardware Nickel
Colour Crimson Red™ (Metallic)
Includes Baum Hardcase / Baum Custom Certificate of Authenticity
Strings Stringjoy 10-48
Weight 3.6 KG

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We’ll divide your purchase amount into four/six payments, billed to your current credit card. The split payment is only available on preorders and not instruments in stock.

How it works

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why pre-order?

Baum is a small company, and we make guitars in small batches. We value quality over quantity any day, and preorders help us to keep our production as precise as possible.


Each preorder has a huge impact on our small business and is uniquely meaningful. Our players are people who like high quality, a smooth feeling and like to play different, and instrument preorders can help ensure that we deliver that.


So, what do you get with a preorder?


The obvious downside is the wait…Preordered items will have an estimated delivery date in the future. But let’s look at why it’s worth waiting for.

By preordering, you get to confirm a purchase within our next-coming batch. Because we do small-scale production, our batches are often sold out before they get to Denmark, so this way you will be guaranteed one.


This is why you get an instrument that in many ways is special. First, the entire instrument is designed from our Danish philosophy and based on our years of experience as luthiers. All our designs are our own and are made to bring you fresh inspiration.


Second, we make our own hardware for our instruments. Our Precision Tuners™, Levitator™ Roller bridge, and TrueTone™ tremolo are all designed to fit our instruments perfectly.
Our Goldsound® pickups are also designed and made to our instruments only.


Lastly, we give all guitars a solid quality control and set-up in Denmark before we ship it. We handle this step in our custom workshop in Aarhus, Denmark to give you the best experience possible.


We hope you’ll consider a preorder from us.