Custom Collection Wingman for Mark Price, UK

 979.76 / month for 5 months

Model: Wingman
Orientation: Right Hand
Headstock: 6-in-line
Body-wood: Mahogany (Khaya)
Neck-wood: Plain Maple (Acer Saccharum)
Fretboard: Ebony (Diospyrus Crassiflora)
Inlays: Crown Inlays
Binding: Neck
Radius: 12”
Neck Shape: Modern C
Color: Black
Headstock-color: Matching
Pickguard: Black
Hardware: Gold
Tailpiece: Bigsby B5 – Gold
Bridge: Levitator roller bridge (gold)
Bridge-pickup: Jabmaster (10.5 K)
Neck-pickup: Jabmaster (8.5K)
Knobs: Gold
Strings: 10 – 46
Hardcase: Baum Custom Hardcase
Price: £3330 ex VAT and shipping.
Delivery: April, 2022

Available for preorder

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