Custom guitars handcrafted in Denmark reusing parts in new ways from our productions in respect to the world. Each guitar is carefully redesigned into a unique piece.

Player. Maker.
Boundary breaker.

Revival is much more than just a new guitar.

It’s about breaking boundaries for how Baum makes guitars with great respect to our available resources. And rethinking our models with unique styles of the highest quality for today’s players.

Recycle. Rethink. Revival.

To rethink each Revival guitar, we start by collecting, repairing, and rebuilding each part to make the final guitar greater than the sum of its parts.


We have the deepest respect for the natural resources used in our guitars. And it is important that we treat this fine wood with care to increase its lifecycle.


We rethink every single Revival model to include specifications, sounds or options not available in any current production series. This makes each Revival different.


Revival is made in the Danish Custom Shop to give you the smoothest and mind-blowing experience. Carefully crafted, these guitars are ready to play. Again.

Create to your
heart’s content.

And say hello to the new Revival collection. Inspired by the best of Baum. Transformed in the Custom Shop. Stands out on any scene. Fits perfectly into your life. Express yourself. 

Play it loud.

What is revival?

Wherever possible, we preserve the natural resources and recycle, redesign, and rebuild them into new guitars. Morten Bau and the Custom Shop then redesign each model into something you haven’t seen from Baum before. Each Revival is made in the Custom Shop and lives up to our usual high standard.


Less than 1 % of our produced
parts are waste.


Revival stylings are always created to be unique from what’s currently available in our other series.


Crafted in the Baum Custom shop to our high standard for the smoothest playability.

Our commitment to sustainability.

In the Revival collection, all guitars start with a commitment to the environment and people in mind. We reuse guitar parts for a greater purpose by making high-quality guitars that last decades, and not discarding any useful materials or resources in the process.

Tuned to today. 

Guitar production today requires much more than just a focus on rare tonewoods, using branded hardware or … There is also a need today to think about what we do with the instruments that don’t live up to our high-quality demands.

Custom experience. 

Each Revival guitar is made in the Baum Custom shop, Denmark, and this means that each guitar is made to match the Custom experience of a guitar. Without the price tag of a custom guitar. 

Available revivals