Danish simplicity. Now that's Original.


Each model in The Original Series is designed in our Custom Shop and strikes the balance of contemporary versus classic. 

By combining the old-school familiarity with our Danish simplicity, our instruments are top-tailored for today’s players.

As music becomes increasingly diverse, more musicians strive to form their own identity. With Baum, you find a fresh canvas for your music that feels like an old friend. 

Whatever your style is, The Original Series is versatile enough to handle it. Whatever your style is, just play Original.

Designed in denmark

Designed intentionally to make you feel comfortably confident. To us, a good design connects with you. Design matters. It invites an interaction. It makes conversation easy. Conversations between you and the instrument. And conversations between you and others.

It’s all about getting the details right. Therefore, these instruments are designed and developed here in Aarhus, Denmark, where we pick our favourite elements from the Custom Shop and integrate into the production models.

by kasper falkenberg

The Original Series presented side by side in one track. Give it a listen and learn a lick.


Iconic. Classic. Statement.


The Wingman is Baum’s new classic. With its contemporary edge, Danish design, and classic sound, the Wingman model is an incredibly versatile model. The Danish design is simplistic and sophisticated at the same time and combines visual appeal and functionality into one special Wingman guitar. It invites you to play something new. Something you.


The Wingman is different, yet so familiar.  That’s a powerful statement and it’s the players’ best sidekick. Wherever the player goes, the Wingman follows.


Whole Lotta Attitude.


The Backwing is our nod to the classic bird, now in a well-balanced and sleek Danish design. 


The Backwing is built for speed and attitude on stage. It’s a high-performance rock machine that keeps you playing all night. Just let your fingers fly on the Backwing. Speedy. Substantial. Epic.

Leaper tone

Look sharp, sound great.

The Leaper Tone is a classic semi-hollow body guitar with a colorful note, airy sides, and solid core. It’s comfortable and stylish. Make your best impression on stage while the seamless comfort lets you focus completely on your music. Rooted in 50s and 60s aesthetics with a touch of Danish simplicity, the Leaper Tone is a timeless guitar for today’s music.


Swooping curves. Simple forms.

The classy classic offset. Retro charm in Danish style. And Semi-hollow, to store your creativity.

The Conquer 59 combines essential aesthetic curves and joyful effortless handing. Like a classic car. It has character. It’s fun to rock. And that invites you to keep playing – to keep creating.

Road-tested by artists

What do artists want? We asked artists worldwide to play Baum in every possible situation. Artists took Baum to stages, to studios, to practice in bedrooms, and rehearsals in garages. Everywhere on the road. And even to the desert!

This is what we continuously design The Original Series on, so your Baum is ready for anything. Anywhere. Any time.

Goldsound pickups

Play loud. And hear them fill the room. Play soft. And hear all the dynamics.

Unique to Baum. Goldsound is our own brand of pickups tailored to our own instruments. 

Because we love design so much that we designed the sound too. That’s how serious we are.

levitator bridge

Our innovative roller-bridge designed and made by Baum to improve the tuning stability, reduce friction points and keep the good look.

The original BAUM Neck

Our modern Baum C shape carved of roasted maple neck, and finished with thin satin lacquer.

The super-stable and moisture-free roasted maple is paired with a 12″ radius fretboard of silky-feeling rosewood.

The Medium Jumbo frets give you great control over your vibrato and pitch-perfect bends.