Try at home

for 45 Days

The best way to test a guitar is in your own environment and when it suits you. That’s why you get 45 days to do so with Baum. 


Spending money on a guitar you have never touched before can be intimidating. Trying it out in a store with people and salesmen around you can also be daunting. Additionally, you may not have access to the same amp, pedals, or digital setup in the shop as you do at home. We understand that even the volume in the room makes a huge difference!

That’s why we offer you the opportunity to try our guitars in your own home, with your own pedals, amp, or digital setup, and, most importantly, with your own ears. This gives you time to adjust your gear to the Baum guitar and get used to how your setup interacts with it.

Worldwide flat costs for shipping back to Denmark. *
Should the guitar not fit your sound or setup, we will arrange the return shipment for you.

We arrange this for you, so all you have to do is receive and print a label for the box, and book a pickup fitting your day – or deliver the package to the closest delivery point.

We take a flat rate of $100US / €100 per product shipped to cover the shipping costs from you to Denmark.


How it works.

First, you purchase the guitar. Once the guitar arrives at your doorstep, your 45-day trial begins. If you wish to return the product within that 45-day time span, simply contact us by email at, and we’ll provide you with a return label or arrange a pickup, depending on your location.

After verifying that the product is in good condition, we will initiate the refund process, which may take 3-10 business days. The $100US / €100 return shipping fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. Please note that the return fee is per product shipped.

The 1 thing that you need to do while testing.

While we don’t mind how intense your test phase is, please ensure that when returning the product, it is in the same condition as when you received it. If there are any signs of user-related damage or missing accessories, we will deduct a portion of the return fee once the evaluation is completed at our workshop in Denmark. Remember to use the original shipping box for the return; we do not accept returns without it.

For detailed information on the returns process, please refer to our “Warranty & Returns” section.”

*Following countries have an individual return shipping fee:

  • India
  • Central America (Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentine, etc.)
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Africa
  • China
  • ASIA (Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, India, etc.)
  • Greenland

what is split payment?

We’ll divide your purchase amount into four/six payments, billed to your current credit card. The split payment is only available on preorders and not instruments in stock.

How it works

Split in 4 or 6 months
Simply split the instrument’s full price evenly in 4 or 6 with no extra costs or fees. Check availability on the selected instrument.
First payment
The first payment is charged to your payment card at the time the order is placed. The shipping charges will be added to the first payment.
Monthly payment
Subsequent installments will be charged to your payment card at monthly intervals for the duration of your payment plan.
The instrument will ship when the instrument is in stock, and the full payment is completed.

There are no fees or penalties for paying your balance early, but the earliest delivery will be when the item is in stock.


By proceeding with Baum Guitars’ Split Payments plan, you promise to keep enough credit available on the card you have provided so that future installments can be charged to that card. If the card expires or is canceled, you agree to notify Baum Guitars and supply an alternative card with the necessary funds available before the next payment is due.


As with any credit card purchase, you are responsible for all interest and/or fees levied by your credit card company.

why pre-order?

Baum is a small company, and we make guitars in small batches. We value quality over quantity any day, and preorders help us to keep our production as precise as possible.


Each preorder has a huge impact on our small business and is uniquely meaningful. Our players are people who like high quality, a smooth feeling and like to play different, and instrument preorders can help ensure that we deliver that.


So, what do you get with a preorder?


The obvious downside is the wait…Preordered items will have an estimated delivery date in the future. But let’s look at why it’s worth waiting for.

By preordering, you get to confirm a purchase within our next-coming batch. Because we do small-scale production, our batches are often sold out before they get to Denmark, so this way you will be guaranteed one.


This is why you get an instrument that in many ways is special. First, the entire instrument is designed from our Danish philosophy and based on our years of experience as luthiers. All our designs are our own and are made to bring you fresh inspiration.


Second, we make our own hardware for our instruments. Our Precision Tuners™, Levitator™ Roller bridge, and TrueTone™ tremolo are all designed to fit our instruments perfectly.
Our Goldsound® pickups are also designed and made to our instruments only.


Lastly, we give all guitars a solid quality control and set-up in Denmark before we ship it. We handle this step in our custom workshop in Aarhus, Denmark to give you the best experience possible.


We hope you’ll consider a preorder from us.

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