Goldbuckers, a mini-humbucker that is clearer and cleaner than full-sized humbuckers. The Goldbucker mini-humbucker shares its construction with the iconic PAF counterpart, except the size. A smaller pickup sense a more focused area of your strings, but we have given Goldbuckers a little extra beef to spice things up. 

While still being hum-canceling, the mini-humbucker produces a clearer, brighter tone that is very unlike full-sized humbuckers. Turn the volume knob down, and it will clean up nicely while remaining bright and clear like any single coil. It is a sound that finds its own space without spilling into other instruments.

Neck: 8.5K (Alnico V) & Bridge: 10.5K (Alnico V)

We honestly think that the Goldsound Goldbucker is the best of a single-coil and a humbucker wound into one pickup

Goldsound Goldbuckers are sold exclusively as a set of neck and bridge pickup.