Jabmaster is a wide-wound and broader single coil, which increases the pickup’s reactive field and gives a bold and clear tone that surely packs a punch while retaining the single coil’s dynamics. This makes it a bit brighter and more articulate than the Rewind ’52.
Jabmaster delivers a powerful clean sound and crisp overdriven tone. It excels at note articulation and will sound great in almost every genre.

Neck: 8.5K (Alnico V) & Bridge: 10.5K (Alnico V)

The neck pickup is a very thick and full-sounding sound. It really pushes the low end making it warm and smooth, but still tight and well defined. Like a regular single coil – but on steroids.

The bridge pickup tends to be “twangier” (yep, it’s a word) and brighter. With an almost percussive edge to the tone, it is great for rhythm and single-note playing. The bottom end is much tighter than the neck pickup, so put some overdrive on and ROCK.

And together? You get the best of both worlds including hum-canceling. Twanks!

Goldsound Jabmaster pickups are sold exclusively as a set of neck and bridge pickup.