Rewind ‘52 is an old-school P90 giving the guitar a tight low-end, raunchy midrange and a bold texture with a crispy top. The Rewind ’52 produces a raw powerful tone that has co-defined blues and rock n roll throughout the decades. And still do today.

The P90 sound is essentially a strong single coil. A blend of single-coil characteristics and dynamics and humbucker strength. It is a mix of high output and brilliant tone in one. Rewind ’52 is well suited for all styles of music (maybe not looking at you, djent-folks). The tonal sensitivity is perfect for everything from crisp rock riffs and soulful blues rhythms to smooth jazz licks and soft pop tunes.

Neck 7.5K (Alnico V) & Bridge 9.5K (Alnico V)

Compared to humbuckers, P90s have a bit more bite in the mid-range and treble giving a brighter and more focused tone.

Goldsound Rewind ’52 is sold exclusively as a set of neck and bridge pickup.