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The Wingman played by most players.

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Color: Pure Black


September 2024


Available for pre-order

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With its clean, sleek lines, modern playability, and classic sounds, the stylish Wingman is a beautifully curved offset guitar that’s unmistakably Baum.


The progressive design features a lightweight, well-balanced, and vibrant body, and a comfortable and familiar Baum neck with a silky-smooth feel.


Powered by Goldsound® Pickups, the Wingman is a responsive guitar that brings power and dynamics to the music whenever you need punch or pause.


The new Wingman collection features new and classic colors, new custom-designed hardware, special Goldsound® pickups, and a Baum Original Gigbag.

Now available in Deep Forest, Crimson Red, Dolphin Blue, Ocean Mist, Vintage White, and Pure Black.


Make it last, make it timeless. Rooted in the Danish minimalism, we create instruments with details and depth, that are both simplistic and sophisticated.


Our partnership with manufactures is based on mutual respect, understanding and know-how. We have specified what ‘Designed in Denmark’ actually means to us in 4 stages.


Powered by Goldsound® Pickups. 

The Wingman is a heavy hitter and yet light on its feet. 


Whether you prefer the dynamic and punchy Jabmaster™ single coils or the retro-vibed crunchy Goldbucker™ mini-humbucker, the Wingman packs a punch of captivating responsiveness to how you play.


Goldsound® Pickups are our own custom-made pickups. Only available in  Baum.



The Wingman features our modern C profile, which is the most popular neck profile for a reason. It’s comfortable to most players because it does it all, and it does it great. 


Made of roasted maple with a 12″ rosewood fretboard and a satin lacquer finish. 


Frets are medium jumbo giving you a balance of width and height making the Wingman easier, smoother, and more fun to play all night. 


The new Levitator Roller bridge.

Tuning stability’s greatest enemy is friction. So we designed our own bridge to handle this. 


Our roller bridge allows the string to move freely and is frictionless. Now upgraded with solid brass wheels, the transfer of string resonance from the string to the body is increased. 


And your tone just got an extra dimension of resonance, sustain, warmth, and articulation. 


Introducing our new Baum Precision™ Tuners.


The high ratio 21:1 tuners give you full control over the tuning, so you can focus more on your timing than your tuning during the performance.



The Precision Tuner™ comes with a solid brass shaft because it’s one of the few parts with constant string contact, which gives your tone more articulation. 



That’s a precisely tuned tone.



BridgeBaum Levitator™
TailpieceBigsby B50 / Stoptail
Strap ButtonStrap Lock


ShapeBaum Modern C / 1F-20.5 mm / 12F-23 mm
WoodRoasted Maple
FretboardRosewood / 12" Radius
InlaysBaum Crown™
BindingIvory White / Fretboard
Frets22 / Medium Jumbo / Nickel
HeadstockWave™ / 6-in-line
Logo StyleBaum Gold Classic
TrussrodDual Action
TunersBaum Precision Tuners™ / 21:1 Gear ratio / Brass
FinishSatin Silk
NutTUSQ / 42.9 mm


TypeSingle Coil


Neck Output

8.5 K

Bridge Output

10.5 K


Alnico V


Switch3 Way Toggle
PotentiometersAlpha 250K

0.47 uF


Neck Vol., Bridge Vol., Master Tone


GigbagBaum Original Series Gigbag
StringsD'Addario 10-46


Weight3.4 KG
Length1043 mm
Width354 mm


Details matter. And Wingman is full of characteristic details.



Nothing is irrelevant, yet everything is intentional. 


From the stylish Crown™ inlays to its sleek curves and lightweight body, everything is designed with uncompromising intent.




In the time I have owned a Baum Wingman, I have genuinely come to appreciate that it is an incredible and very versatile instrument.

With its designer retro-style looks, the Wingman is certainly eye-catching. It’s playability and construction is first class and it covers a tone spectrum from 50s Rockabilly, to 60s Jangle, Texas Boogie and ‘Zep-like’ rock crunch.

The Wingman is truly a sensation!


I am absolutely in love with the guitar, it’s the best I’ve owned and I can tell it’s going to be integral to NAUT’s sound for a long time to come. You know that you have a quality instrument in your hands from the very first time you pick up a Baum. It sings at volume and the ‘Jabmaster’ pickups maintain wonderful nuances in the sound. My Wingman effortlessly aids in capturing a number of useful tones, from glassy cleans to a scything distorted tone which sits exactly where I need it to in both a live and studio mix. It helps me achieve the tone in my head: a blend of the sounds on classic UK post-punk albums and a rockier edge.


Bought the Wingman with Bigsby some time in May. Received the guitar just recently in immaculate condition. In the looks department, it is certainly a killer! The built quality and finishes are exceptional, dare I say akin to high-end guitars. The Jabmaster pups certainly has a unique, distinct sound. If my untrained ear can describe, it still retains the single coil sound, but less noisy. A little bitey like the P90s too. So it sits right in the middle of single coil and P90s if that makes sense. Lengthy sustain as well. Overall, playability is great and it’s my current fav, go-to axe for sure.

A special shout-out to Jeppe for assisting me right from the purchase to delivery. Dude even went the extra mile to make sure that I received the guitar before my birthday, which is way before the official launch date. For those who are on GAS or looking for a high-quality electric with very reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with Baum. Fret not about the shipping too as I received mine unscathed. I am a happy, proud owner in Malaysia (and most probably the first!) and my Wingman is here to stay, stands tall and strong amongst my small stable of higher-end guitars.

Go for it you won’t regret! Baum FTW!


I enjoy a lot the original Wingman. It’s my first “good” guitar and I love how it feels! I enjoy the feeling of the fretboard and how it resonates. Moreover, I am in love with it and whenever I look at it I have to play, so I am playing much more!

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why pre-order?

Baum is a small company, and we make guitars in small batches. We value quality over quantity any day, and preorders help us to keep our production as precise as possible.


Each preorder has a huge impact on our small business and is uniquely meaningful. Our players are people who like high quality, a smooth feeling and like to play different, and instrument preorders can help ensure that we deliver that.


So, what do you get with a preorder?


The obvious downside is the wait…Preordered items will have an estimated delivery date in the future. But let’s look at why it’s worth waiting for.

By preordering, you get to confirm a purchase within our next-coming batch. Because we do small-scale production, our batches are often sold out before they get to Denmark, so this way you will be guaranteed one.


This is why you get an instrument that in many ways is special. First, the entire instrument is designed from our Danish philosophy and based on our years of experience as luthiers. All our designs are our own and are made to bring you fresh inspiration.


Second, we make our own hardware for our instruments. Our Precision Tuners™, Levitator™ Roller bridge, and TrueTone™ tremolo are all designed to fit our instruments perfectly.
Our Goldsound® pickups are also designed and made to our instruments only.


Lastly, we give all guitars a solid quality control and set-up in Denmark before we ship it. We handle this step in our custom workshop in Aarhus, Denmark to give you the best experience possible.


We hope you’ll consider a preorder from us.