The pink thunder

seye adelekan

Baum x Seye Adelekan

We proudly present the Pink Thunder bass.

A thunderous Signature Bass designed and crafted by Baum and Seye Adelekan.

It’s pure love and Thunder.

The power of thunder

The Thunder is a visually striking signature bass complementing Seye’s charismatic, energic and dynamic playing on stage.

Simple design. One pickup. And then it is more on the person who’s playing the instrument to bring something to it. It can do anything, and that is what you get when you can make it really, really simple. It reflects the player. And I’m really, really glad to say that the Thunder does that
– Seye Adelekan

Easy to rock. Astoundingly cool. And designed to be played, create music with striking hot inspiration. 

Pick it up and wield the power of thunder in your hands.

A multifacetted artist

Seye Adelekan is not only a multi-instrumentalist, but a multifaceted artist. Currently playing the bass in the Gorillaz live band (since 2017). Previously, Seye was a part of the musical collective Africa Express, and has toured with/recorded with musicians such as KT Tunstall, The Noisettes, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Emili Sandé, Birdy, Mumford and Sons, and Paloma Faith.  

Outside of this, Seye writes film score, such as the feature length documentary called Tough Bond, or for brands like Harley Davidson. Besides music, Seye has co-written a short story with his brother Olugbenga Adelekan in association with Dr. Martens, and he frequently hosts on the Boogaloo radio show. 

Oh. So. Pink.

“I want people to leave a show with a smile on their face. Some kid is coming to see a show for the first time and see this bass – and their eyes are going to pop out of their head, and it is just going to be such a memorable moment. At the end of the day, it is about making good memories for people.”  

seye adelekan


Custom shop

Baum’s best.

In the Baum Custom Shop, we create the finest guitars and basses by artists, for artists. It’s where we express ourselves in design and craftmanship to inspire players to do the same.

Always crafted in Aarhus, Denmark.

34" Scale length. Maple neck. 12“ radius. 22 frets.

lightning strike inlay

Custom Pink Thunder paint job

Lightning strike pickguard

Goldsound pickup

Single Master Tone and Master Volume

Schaller tuners and bridge


A striking detail

A custom styled lightning strike covers the fret 11 to 13 to mimic the lightning pickguard.

Bright lightning

Seye Adelekan wants an eye-catching signature bass that leaves you with a smile on your face. 

Mission completed. Now light ’em up!

Matching Wave headstock

As rain implies storm, this Wave introduces Thunder.

behind the scenes

Seye Adelekan visited the Baum HQ in 2021 to play, plan and design his new signature Baum. 

“Seye has an incredible sense for how design and music are closely intertwined when creating a memorable event to people during a live show.”

Morten bau, founder

Crafted in
Aarhus, denmark

The Pink Thunder Bass is custom designed by Morten Bau and crafted in our Danish Custom Shop by our luthiers.


Check our new bass collection out.

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