Limited Drop!

This next batch of Baum guitars is different. How different? And why different? Let’s see.

The batch includes new special versions of our core models in the Original Series: Wingman, Conquer 59, Leaper Tone, and Backwing in classic colours with stylish Stop-tails.

Available now!

Get a sneak peek of the 14 new styles below.



But why so sudden? As you know, the world is one big force majeure today. This blocked our shipment of Bigsby and forced our production to stand still – or move in a new direction. We chose the latter.

Sometimes, restrictions are good for your creativity. As guitar lovers and designers, we took the shortage as an opportunity. An opportunity to create. Create a fresh Baum. A Baum that inspires you to create something new.

These models are very limited in quantity.

Are the specs different?
We changed the colour and tail-piece. The rest is as on the current core models. You can find all the specs on each page for the Wingman, Conquer 59, Leaper Tone, & Backwing.

Where can I grab one?
The limited drop is available via selected dealers and our own shop online. Questions? Just reach out to us here or to your preferred Baum dealer today and ask which of these models will be available from them.

When will these be shipped?
We aim at shipping to you and our dealers in August 2022.

Shipping and terms?
World-Wide shipping is always available on Our shipping on guitars inside Europe is free, and its low-cost internationally. Read our terms and conditions here.