(Aarhus, Denmark) March 15, 2023. Baum has announced the release of their new Revival™ series. A new custom collection crafted in Denmark by Baum Custom upcycling and reusing guitar parts from the production series in new and sustainable ways.


The Revival™ Collection reinvents how Baum makes guitars. It combines the best of both the production series Original™ & VEGA™ and the luthier-made Custom Shop by taking any guitars with production or cosmetic flaws and remaking them into completely new guitars in Denmark. Each piece is carefully repaired, improved, and upcycled into a new limited Baum instrument. Likewise, each guitar gets upgraded wiring with vintage cloth wire, higher-grade potentiometers, and the same attention to the fretwork as any custom guitar.


The Revival™ guitar is redesigned with custom colors and configurations not available in any current production series. To continue the story of the upcycled and reborn guitar, each piece is aged varying from subtle to rock n’ roll styled. This makes each Revival™ guitar exclusive.

Revival™ is about respect. And I have always had the deepest respect for our materials. Especially wood, one of the finest materials on earth. Wood is a delicate and fine material, but it is also very fragile when it passes a lot of human labor in the production line. And there will be some guitars that will not pass our quality control in Denmark. There will always be waste. That is why we have launched the Revival Collection in the Baum Custom – a collection that reduces waste and makes the finest new guitars. With respect for the bodies and necks that didn’t pass the initial quality control, we give them new life.  

I believe that by building high-quality guitars that bring joy to making music and creating the culture around us, we give wood the deserved use and respect.

Morten Bau, Founder & Chief Designer

The Process.

Each guitar is redesigned by Morten Bau and the Custom team, to offer the player an experience not available in any other Baum collection. This starts by designing a Baum guitar out of the ordinary.

The first step is selecting new colors, pickup configurations, and custom guitar creations like how bodies and necks are matched.

When Revival™ guitars are crafted in the Custom Shop, Denmark, the luthiers upgrade the wiring to old-school cloth wires, give it a complete fretwork and fret dressing like any custom guitar, and shield the guitars properly so it sounds and plays at its best.

The Revival™ collection is crafted with three core values in mind: Respect. Rethink. Replay.


Respect: Baum has the deepest respect for the natural resources used in guitar making, and we go to great lengths to increase their lifecycle.


Rethink: Baum rethink every single Revival model to include specifications, sounds, or options not available in any current production series. This makes each Revival special.

Replay: Revival is made in the Danish Custom Shop to give the player the smoothest and mind-blowing experience. Carefully crafted, these guitars are ready to play. Again.

The REVIVAL™ Collection includes the proprietary Goldsound® Pickups, Levitator™ Roller-bridge, and a Baum hardcase.


The REVIVAL™ Collection starts in March 2023 and will be a monthly release.

Each month, Baum will release a new batch consisting of 10-20 revived pieces, and these will be available via the Baum Store at and selected Baum dealers.


For more information about REVIVAL™ Collection, please visit


Danish origin. Played worldwide. 

Baum is a Danish brand designing and manufacturing high-quality instruments in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Led by design and guitar connoisseurs, the Baum team design, and crafts a variety of guitars and basses rooted in Danish design and modern instrument crafts. The Baum signature is new, yet feels so familiar. 

Baum crafts custom instruments in our own workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. The Original Series and VEGA Series complement the Danish-made guitars and basses by offering more accessible and approachable Baum instruments designed in the Danish Custom Shop and crafted in South Korea and Indonesia. Each Baum guitar comes with the classic Baum proprietary elements: Goldsound® pickups, Levitator Roller-bridge and a Baum Modern C Neck. Baum quantifies niche. The Danish way.  


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