Why use rosewood for acoustic guitars?

When it comes to crafting exceptional acoustic guitars, the choice of tonewood plays a significant role in shaping the instrument’s sound and character. Among the various tonewoods available to luthiers, rosewood stands out as a timeless classic, appreciated for its captivating aesthetics and outstanding tonal properties. In this post, we will highlight 4 main reasons why we love rosewood:


1) Sound

2) Volume & Sustain

3) Looks

4) Durability and longevity


We use solid Indian Rosewood on the back and sides on the Leaper Stage™. This is because Rosewood is one of the most musically rich tonewoods. Its sound character is well-balanced, yet wide-scoped. It has a deep and articular low-end, a blooming midrange, and a rich and crisp top-end.

Looking at its tone and frequency, rosewood delivers a harmonized sound that shares the same sonic base as mahogany and then expands in both directions. It has deeper lows and brighter treble, while its midrange is better aligned (compared to mahogany which has a strong midrange, yet narrower sound).




One of the main benefits of rosewood is its ability to produce a warm, rich, and well-balanced sound. With its exceptional low-end response, rosewood gives a depth and complexity to the guitar’s sound, ensuring a powerful bass response and impressive sustain. The mid-range is characterized by a lush, woody quality, while the high-end remains clear and articulate, without being overly bright. This harmonic balance makes rosewood guitars versatile instruments suitable for various playing styles, genres, and musical settings.


Another remarkable quality of rosewood is its ability to deliver exceptional projection and volume. Due to its dense nature, rosewood allows the guitar to resonate freely, producing a robust and lively sound that can fill any room or performance space. This attribute is particularly valuable for live performances or situations where your guitar needs to cut through a mix, ensuring your music is heard with clarity and precision.


Rosewood is a beautiful wood with a distinct grain pattern that adds to the overall aesthetics of the guitar. The wood typically features dark hues ranging from chocolate brown to reddish-brown that deepen over time. The elegance and sophistication of rosewood give an acoustic guitar a visual appeal that is both classic and timeless.


Rosewood is a dense and hard wood that is known for its durability. The wood’s density and structural integrity ensure that the instrument can withstand the wear and tear from regular playing and changing environmental conditions. As a result, rosewood guitars often retain their tonal quality and beauty over time, allowing you to enjoy your instruments for years and even generations to come.


When it comes to crafting exceptional acoustic guitars, rosewood is an excellent choice for acoustic guitar makers and players alike. Its rich and balanced sound, durability, beautiful appearance, and versatility make it a top choice for most musicians.

Also, the natural beauty and longevity of rosewood ensure that these instruments are not only masterpieces in sound but also visual works of art. Whether you’re a player seeking a versatile instrument or a collector appreciating the finest craftsmanship, a rosewood guitar is bound to captivate your senses and stand the test of time.


Danish origin. Played worldwide. 

Baum is a Danish brand designing and manufacturing high-quality instruments in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Led by design and guitar connoisseurs, the Baum team design, and crafts a variety of guitars and basses rooted in Danish design and modern instrument crafts. The Baum signature is new, yet feels so familiar. 

Baum crafts custom instruments in our own workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. The Original Series and VEGA Series complement the Danish-made guitars and basses by offering more accessible and approachable Baum instruments designed in the Danish Custom Shop and crafted in South Korea and Indonesia. Each Baum guitar comes with the classic Baum proprietary elements: Goldsound® pickups, Levitator Roller-bridge and a Baum Modern C Neck. Baum quantifies niche. The Danish way.  


Jeppe Garfunkel, Chief Communication Officer | jg@baumguitars.com  

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