Baum Guitars NIDHOGG Wins Platinum in the 2024 MUSE Awards.

(Aarhus, Denmark. 09 May, 2024) The MUSE Creative and Design Awards have unveiled their winners for the first competitive season of 2024. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), these competitions received over 8,500 entries from across the globe, affirming their position as prestigious programs honoring creative and design professionals.


In the first competitive season of 2024, Baum Guitars earns the Platinum award in the competition. The work that led to this victory was created by Morten Bau, earning them this prestigious accolade:

Winning this Platinum Award for the Nidhogg means a lot. I wanted to create a bass that captures the rebellious spirit of rock n’ roll and gives the player a feeling of wielding this pure horsepower on stage. And this recognition tells us we’re on the right track.

The Baum Nidhogg electric bass is a progressive design deeply rooted in Baum’s Nordic philosophy focusing on functionality with high-grade materials in a timeless design for longevity combined with an inspiration in the 60s American Car design often bold styles. It seamlessly takes the minimalistic lines to the max by using them to emphasize a confident and muscular design.


The MUSE Awards encompass a range of competitions designed to recognize excellence across diverse fields. The International Awards Associate (IAA) ensures these competitions are accessible and fair, guaranteeing that recognition is earned by those who truly deserve it.


“Creativity knows no bounds; it’s the cornerstone of every great design. At IAA, we’re committed to honoring and promoting the brilliance and originality that propel the creative process forward,” explained Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. He continued, “with every stroke of genius, we’re reminded of the boundless potential of human imagination.”

The Nidhogg uses high-quality materials, including hard maple, mahogany, and rosewood for the body and neck, hardware made of solid brass and nickel, custom voiced Goldsound® Powerjabs™ pickups, all of which combined give the Nidhogg a unique and unruly sound versatile for many music genres that requires an attitude.


Precisely engineered hardware such as the lightweight Baum Precision Tuners™ for bass also adds to the functionality, balance, and overall style.

The body contour leans forward and sits comfortably on the player making it easy to play standing and seated. Its body style makes it lightweight and resonant, and the C-profiled neck shape makes it a comfortable experience for the player.

Comprised of industry professionals, the jury panel at IAA upheld impartiality and applied industry-relevant assessment criteria with precision. The jury’s role was to recognize companies or individuals whose works showcased excellence and drove their industries forward – a goal they admirably achieved.


Grand Jury Panel

Among a diverse pool of applicants hailing from 22 countries, the competition carefully selected 56 jurors. These esteemed professionals are widely respected in their respective fields and boast affiliations with prestigious organizations within the creative and design industries. For example, Executive Creative Director at Grey Pakistan – Fizza Shah, Creative Art Director at Ogilvy Australia – Alexandre de Mello Collares, Art Director at VMLY&R São Paulo – Felipe Paganoti, Chairman of Asia MarTech Society – Ken Ip, Creative Director at BEAMY – Ronn Lee, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi MEA – Augusto Correia, Founder and Creative Director of RCBD – Ralph Christian Bremenkamp, Senior Architect at Tiago do Vale Architects – Tiago do Vale, Creative Director at Kre8ive Partners – Mark Turner, Associate Principal / BIM Lead / Adjunct Professor at Kohn Pedersen Fox; Kean University – Yafei Zhang, Creative Director, MRM / McCann and Makina & Co – Danilo Villanueva, to name a few.


Aside from utilizing industry-relevant standards in judging entries, impartiality was also maintained through the blind judging method. This approach involved evaluating entries independently, without comparing them to other submissions, ensuring that each winning work was recognized solely based on its own merits.


Participation of International Brands

As an international award platform, the MUSE Creative and Design Awards attracted entries from internationally renowned organizations.


“Celebrating the exceptional talent and creativity of individuals who are making a positive impact on their industries is a source of immense pride for IAA,” Thomas remarked. “Their dedication to excellence serves as a beacon of inspiration, guiding aspiring creatives worldwide toward their own remarkable achievements.”



About International Awards Associate (IAA)

Established in 2015, the International Awards Associate (IAA) is a global organization dedicated to recognizing professional excellence and outstanding achievements in various industries. As the organizer of a wide range of prestigious award programs such as the MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, NYX Awards, NYX Game Awards, TITAN Business Awards, TITAN Property Awards, London Design Awards, NY Product Design Awards, and many more, IAA aims to honor, promote, and encourage professional excellence, from industry to industry, internationally and domestically, through award platforms that are industry-appropriate.




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