CELESTOR Wins Platinum in the LONDON DESIGN Awards.

(Aarhus, Denmark – May 30, 2024) The London Design Awards, in conjunction with the International Awards Associate (IAA) has officially revealed Baum Guitars as a Platinum Winner for the Celestor guitar. Recognising exceptional designs and outstanding creative projects worldwide, the award invites product designers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers, UX / UI designers and any designers of all background to participate, celebrating designs that are truly exceptional in the visualisation of creative influence.


In this first season of 2024, the London Design Awards has received more than 2000 entries from over 30 countries across the globe, including the United States, China, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Spain, Japan, Portugal, France, Germany, and many more.

The Celestor captures a lifetime of influence that, not just I, but most guitar players grew up with and have strong feelings about. So getting this recognition and approval from a professional jury of designers from all over the world means a lot. The Celestor is a new experience that is a pure joy to play and look at. And we nailed it.


The whole design process is seen from a holistic perspective where design elements must also underline its playability and sound. Examples are the extended cut on the lower horn to improve accessibility to the upper frets, a thinner body that reduces weight and gives a slimmer neck joint, a choice of roasted maple for the neck which makes it more stable and reduces the need for tweaks and set-up during a tour making it a trustworthy partner.


The Baum Celestor electric guitar is deeply rooted in Baum’s Nordic philosophy focusing on functionality with high-grade materials in a timeless design for longevity combined with an inspiration in the 60s European car design often bold styles. It seamlessly takes the minimalistic lines to the max by using them to emphasize a confident and elegant design.



The Celestor uses high-quality materials, including roasted maple, mahogany, and rosewood for the body and neck, hardware made of solid brass and nickel, custom-voiced Goldsound® Verve™ pickups, all of which combined give the Celestor a unique and bold sound versatile for many music genres.


The body contour leans forward and sits comfortably on the player making it easy to play standing and seated. Its body style makes it lightweight and resonant, and the C-profiled neck shape makes it a comfortable experience for the player.


Precisely engineered hardware also adds to the functionality, balance, and overall style as the Celestor is crafted with the Baum Precision Tuners™ and Baum TrueTone Tremolo™.

“I am honoured to stand here today and celebrate the global design community, where the winners have displayed what it really takes to shape a global community,” stated Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. “I am continually inspired by the design industry’s remarkable ability of ever-flowing ideas. Our exceptional panel of jurors, through their insightful evaluations, have played a crucial role in transforming these achievements into celebrated successes.”


Grand Jury Panel

Committing to recognising only the best, IAA has invited a professional panel of individuals from around the world, featuring experts such as Mark Turner (United Kingdom), Tiago do Vale (Portugal), Daisuke Nagatomo (Japan), Florian Seidl (Italy), and Joon Kwon (South Korea). Famous for the contributions in their respective fields, these jurors bring invaluable expertise to the evaluation process, ensuring that the award accurately honours the peak of design achievements.


“At the London Design Awards, we do more than celebrate talent; we recognise outstanding efforts revolutionising the field of design,” said Thomas. “It’s exciting to explore on the influence these elites will exert on the design world. We honour their creativity and passion, which are necessary to the advancement of our industry.”


About London Design Awards

The London Design Awards is an international competition that recognises exceptional designs and outstanding creative projects worldwide. Honouring designs that are truly exceptional in the visualisation of creative influence, the award sets out to promote the works of brilliant designers involved in the fields of interior, architectural, product, packaging, conceptual, user interface, user experience, communication and services, bringing everlasting fame to those who would surpass the industry.




For further information contact Jeppe Garfunkel (Head of Communication in Baum Guitars) at jg@baumguitars.com.

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