BAUM BATCH #02 – Available from today.

We launched The Original Series to inspire players to #playdifferent. Since the launch of our small #01 batch (which sold out far quicker than we could believe), we have worked on making it possible for more players to join the Baum family. 

This is possible with batch #02 today.

The Original Series is the culmination of decades of designing and building custom guitars right here in Aarhus, Denmark. 

All genres. All players. Baum.





Conquer 59


Leaper Tone



Crafted at Mirr Music (South Korea) possessing over 60 years of knowledge and tradition to carefully put into each Baum guitar. Every guitar is checked in Denmark by us to ensure you the highest quality. Never tried a Baum prior to this? Picking up a Baum Guitar should feel familiar, like meeting an old friend for the first time – right out of the box.

How to

Preoder today to reserve your Baum from the next Baum batch #02. 

Start 2022 with a new guitar.


The Original series is designed in Denmark and is based on our favorite elements from our Custom Shop. Throughout the last 5 years, we have tried and tested Baum guitars with our artists at the custom shop, and The Original Series is born from this experience and vision to share these guitars.

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